Some comments to the album:

"Sally's Home":

I started with this track in February 2012 and finished it in April 2013.
So many changes happened, with the structure, length, instruments, ...
And also there was a big problem with my computer-software,
- especially just with this one piece.

"Bird Song":

One day in spring 2012 i heard an interesting pattern, carolt by a bird in front
of my office window, i draw the melody sequence on paper,
and from this i constructed the "Bird Song".
At the beginning and the end, i added records of two blackbirds
from a nice concert in one silent nigth in May 2010.
And i wondered, how the two birds interacted with each other.
It seemed, like they played with their melodies in completition.
If the bird in the middle started a sequence, then the one on the right side
repeated another sequence in a distance of 1/2 seconds.
And then the right one started, and the other bird repeat some of his memory.
(Any blackbird has a number of sequences in memory.)
The original of the used record ( original, without noise reduction and amplifying )

"The three Butterflies":

Three variations of a theme, always containing an old Synth,
i like to play, though this is all along not up to date.
But often it's good idea to keep some older things too.

"Up And Down":

The basic is founded on a 15/16 - rhythm, but there are several shiftings,
and some overdubs are for example in straight modes.
So there is continously movement in this piece,
of course without general big changes.

About Sally

Sally was not a bee like all the others, because she was not just interested in work,
but also was interested in all the things around her, in the big wonderful world,
though she also makes the lessons, which a bee have to do.

Sally likes dancing, - so much, that she also dances if there is no need of this.
Bees normally are showing to the others, where they can find much food,
- where are the best blooms and nectar.

Sometimes Sally is playing with the flying things, which are surely not bees,
but also collect their food from the flowers. And she likes their colourful appearance.

Though bees could not hear - they have no ears, they can feel many things, what is happening
in their neighborhood. Sally was an expert in this feature, for example she can feel the singing birds.
They are also flying things, but not to the flowers, which surprised Sally very much.
Where do they get their food from ?

One day Sally decided to leave the crowd of her colleagues, there are up to 50000 in Summer,
and she started a journey further and further away of her home,
to find new things in this wonderful world.

She flight up and down, through the landscape, always in one direction,
guided with the polarization grid, until she reached one day the bee heaven,
with endless honeycombs, countless butterflies and sweet nectar everywhere.