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Enjoy the Adventure of Music from Reibauri

is a synonym for my musical work, i make since 1988.
I am not a musician, nor an ordinary composer, but an analyst and listener of the language of my music,
a constructor and drawer of the structures in it.

And the buildings of tones are steady growing to more or less complex pieces like flowers in a multicoloured meadow.

This is really not "main stream", and i always try to build in harmonical or rhythmical constructions,
counterpoints with regard to psychoacoustic results, and i like to use repetitive structures, especially for the basic streams.

The Frog

The Frog

is really a very, very slow animal.
Every decision has first to be well considered. Any jump can be faulty or right.
Good to think about that first!

Also in music decisions can be difficult and
producing simple pieces can take a lot of time :)
So this one appears on my site after almost four years and some corrections.

And here is the MP3:
Play  The Frog