Some comments to the work:

"The Beginning":

In this piece i build a variation of a simple Sequence by dropping tones in
different positions without changing the bars in the sequel.
So there became a variation of chords between the two tracks
- Piano and Mono-Synth.

The Beginning

"Greetings from the Crayfish":

There were some positions, where i use the reverse Form of the melody,
i do this with the Soprano-Sax and the Flute parts. Of course, some tones
were still changed after this, but the "up-down-structure" is preserved.

Greetings from the Crayfish


Five million years ago in the savannah somewhere in todays
South-America. Various animals were peaceful walking between the high grass searching for food.
So some horses, which were in this time little. Suddenly a big creature appears.
The Phorusrhacos.
In his time the biggest hunter of the land.
This Bird was two and a half meter high, with enourmous strength,
he ran with a speed of 60 - 70 km/h, but could not fly.

Phorusrhacos and escaping animals

"Cows Party":

In the second part of this piece there where two piano-themes merged
to a more complex form. First, after migrated the data from the Logic to the Cubase-Application,
i tried to widen the panorama, so also the two piano parts.
But this seemed to be an error, because each were heard separetly in the
left or right position. I put it back, - both to a nearly centered position,
but left the sounds of two various Pianos.
After all i amplified the effect with a Guitar- and a Harmonica-Doubling.

Party Time