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Bee Free

Or The Adventure Of A Bee Named Sally is the last new production of Reibauri.
It is almost instrumental, with the exception of the bee buzz in track 2, and three singing birds (two blackbirds) on track 4.

Produced february 2012 to march 2013.
Here are some comments to the work.

Tracks from the CD

And here are several pieces of this:
  1  Play   Apis
  2  Play   Sally´s Home
  3  Play   Beedance
  4  Play   Birdsong
  5  Play   Papillon Un
  6  Play   Papillon Deux
  7  Play   Papillon Trois
  8  Play   Honeycomb
  9  Play   Sweet Nectar
10  Play   Mr. Higgs
11  Play   Sally´s Dream
12  Play   Bee Free
13  Play   Up And Down
14  Play   Pengö
15  Play   Magnetic Grids (Short Cut)
16  Play   BeeHeaven

MP3-Tracks are with 256 kBit/s