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Die Suche

is music arroud a story of the search expeditions after the two missing ships of Sir John Franklin in the arctic region north of Canada. (1848-1859)
For more info about this, see here

With lyrics in Planquadrat from Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834),
Part of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Produced 2009 - jan. 2010

Tracks from the CD

And here are several pieces of this:
  1  Play   Leaving London
  2  Play   Explorers
  3  Play   Planquadrat
  4  Play   Beechey Island
  5  Play   Heavy Pack
  6  Play   Flying Seals
  7  Play   Under Steam I
  8  Play   Sledgeparty
  9  Play   Austins Ships
10  Play   The Navigator
11  Play   Long March
12  Play   Remember Trafalgar
13  Play   Under Steam II
14  Play   The Voyage Of The Fox
15  Play   Still Waiting

MP3-Tracks are with 256 kBit/s