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Just walking

Just Walking

is the latest production ( and the oldest too ).
The base concept come from an sequencer song, saved on an old Ensoniq SQ-80 synthesizer.
After importation into cubase, some things were corrected, extended or reduced.
Many sounds from the old SQ80 remained unchanged, but played through an emulation on the PC instead of the real instrument.
I liked to used many of them because of their dry manner, without reverb, hall or so.
Of course it was hard long work to find all the insufficient things and errors in the originals.
In the year 1989 there was no editor to see all the problems after recording into the sequencer.
As the SQ-80 sounds, i left the mix as it was, and only tried to set all the levels correct, but left the dynamic unchanged.
according to the motto:
No Drums - No Comps - Just Music - JUST WALKING !
Back cover
And here are two pieces of the work:
Play  Twentyseven
Play  Bonusdrift