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The Line

with twelve Songs, textes in tree languages, p.e. from the hungarian poets Ratnóti Miklós and Ady Endre.

Composed, arranged, mixed from january to september 2005.

Tracks from the CD

And here are several pieces of this:
  1  Play   Follow
  2  Play   Old Boys
  3  Play   Örizem A Szemed
  4  Play   Migrating
  5  Play   Die Linie
  6  Play   Indul Majd A Vonat
  7  Play   Hold The Line
  8  Play   Line Eight
  9  Play   Viragének
10  Play   Over The Bridge
11  Play   Patchwork
12  Play   In The Circus

MP3-Tracks are with 256 kBit/s