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is a remix of a production from the year 2002.

Here are some comments to the work.
Date of remixing: june to july 2010.

Tracks from the CD

And here are several pieces of this:
  1  Play   The Beginning
  2  Play   Entophysalis Granulosa
  3  Play   Chemical
  4  Play   Symbiosis
  5  Play   Greetings From The Crayfish
  6  Play   Movement
  7  Play   Final I
  8  Play   Photosysnthesis
  9  Play   Phorusrhacos I
10  Play   Pastureland
11  Play   Phorusrhacos II
12  Play   Hexagon
13  Play   Evolution Tree
14  Play   Cow's Party
15  Play   Final II

MP3-Tracks are with 256 kBit/s